Prime your digital initiatives for success

Drive lasting value from your digitalisation programme and supporting digital initiatives.

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Prime your digital initiatives for success

Drive lasting value from your digitalisation programme and digital products with the help of a trusted external advisor.

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Why strategic planning is critical

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your digitalisation programme, your ability to align and strategise effectively is a critical success factor.

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84% of organisations fail to deliver early and long-term return from their digitalisation programmes. 

This often stems from a failure of understanding, clarity, and stakeholder alignment.

Not only around the role that digital technologies should play in your products and processes.

But around the bigger challenge of ensuring that your transformation programme will drive the best possible business and customer outcomes.

Whether your focus is international or market expansion, maximising revenue potential, or modernising the systems behind your digital customer experiences, you face the same questions:

How do I know when, where, and how to focus our efforts? How do I ensure those efforts pay off? And how do I know which supporting capabilities and solutions we'll need? 

Arriving at these answers – and priming your initiatives for sustainable success – requires essential strategic planning to:

These steps are key to ensuring the outcomes you want for you and your customers – and to ensure lasting return across the digital initiatives in your transformation programme.

This video explores how we equipped Imperial War Museums with the capabilities, processes, and technology to deliver its transformation programme.

84% of digitalisation programmes fail, according to Forbes

Imperial War Museums discuss how Inviqa is priming their digital transformation programme for success
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Understand, align, clarify Whatever your organisation is looking to achieve with digitalisation, your ability to strategise effectively is a critical success factor. This means working with your teams and stakeholders to understand the driving forces behind your business objectives and projects, clarify the outcomes you want for you and your customers, and define a plan to get you there. If you fail to do this effectively, you won’t get what you set out to achieve, and you’ll drive negative outcomes for you and your customers, such as: Wasted digital investments and misplaced resources Poor CX and disconnected brand experience Difficult to gain or maintain competitive advantage Missed opportunities to drive revenue and sustainable business growth This is why strategy matters – and it’s why our business consultants are closely involved at every stage in the digital product lifecycle. 

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How to ensure clarity and alignment

Our business consultants work with you to clarify, identify, develop, and agree the right way forward.

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A blueprint for success

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your digitalisation programme and supporting initiatives, it’s essential to:

  1. CLARIFY your current situation. Gain a clear picture of your business problem domain by collating stakeholder input, internal data, customer data, and market analysis.
  2. IDENTIFY what you’re trying to achieve – your vision, objectives, and the outcomes you want for you and your customers – together with what you need to resolve – i.e. your challenge(s).
  3. DEVELOP and evaluate possible strategies. Analyse and use critical thinking and evidence – in place of your assumptions – to unlock the challenges, and establish and appraise your solution options.
  4. AGREE the way forward. Facilitate a common understanding and alignment amongst your stakeholders – and plot a measurable path forward with consensus. 

Unlocking new value for you and you customers is about understanding the opportunities open to you – and truly maximising their potential.

– Brett Lawrence, Business Consultancy Director

What we do

Our business consultants work with you to clarify, identify, develop, and agree the way forward. 

We typically collaborate with your key stakeholders through: 

Based on the insights we gather using these methods, our business consultants collaborate with you and your stakeholders to produce deliverables such as:

A digital strategy that details what’s required to achieve your shared vision and strategic goals – and the key considerations from a people, process, and technology point of view. A prioritised digital roadmap that considers risk, complexity, and cost – and provides a pathway to achieving your desired outcomes – at either a business or programme level. A validated business case for a specific digital initiative within your digitalisation programme – with a risk management strategy and measurement framework to ensure value against your goals. A service blueprint that maps the entire workings of your service-based business. This helps you understand the relationship, data flow, and dependencies across the systems that drive your service offering.

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The brands getting it right

Explore how our consultants helped the likes of Brompton, REISS, and Avios to prime their digitalisation programmes and digital products for success.

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"Inviqa is ideally placed to support our digital transformation

With our help, Imperial War Museums (IWM) clarified its objectives, risks, and capability gaps, and secured the alignment and buy-in needed to succeed in its digital transformation plan. 

We helped the organisation translate its digital strategy into a prioritised roadmap of digital investments and identify the right tools and digital operating model to forecast and anticipate investment. 

Our collaboration resulted in the executive team approving a significant programme of investment in digital initiatives.

Here's how IWM's Transformation Director, Charles Bodsworth, described our partnership and the value our team delivered:

'The Inviqa team has an unrivalled ability to understand our business and user needs. They're ideally placed to support our digital transformation'.

Online florist

Our consultants enabled a leading international florist to validate and plan the right way forward for a proposed subscription offering to increase customer acquisition and loyalty. 

The output was a prioritised plan to restructure company processes and operational models to adapt to changing customer needs faster.

Retail Marketing Group

Our partnership enabled Retail Marketing Group (RMG) to transition from a service-led organisation into a product-led business – adapting its business model to combat market changes caused by COVID-19. 

We created a digital product and provided operational expertise, positioning RMG to meet the changing demands of its clients and drive strategic growth.

"Inviqa are gifted, focused, and good humoured Jason Mather, Digital Product Lead, Retail Marketing Group

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We helped the British Airways rewards programme to conceptualise and validate different ancillary commercial propositions – with a focus on increasing customer engagement and points redemption.

The output was a series of researched, technically viable propositions with demonstrable value add for Avios customers.

Online pharmacy

We partnered with an international investment house to deliver a future-ready online pharmacy experience across Europe. 

Our consultants validated and risk assessed the digital strategy and proposed investments, collaborating with stakeholders to establish clarity and alignment on the vision and strategic goals. 

Deliverables included a business operations and process map and supporting technology roadmap. We then designed, delivered, and launched the digital pharmacy experience across multiple European territories.

Craft beer

Our craft beer client lacked internal alignment on its route forward, with lots of unprioritised initiatives and no clear roadmap. Our consultants facilitated the definition of a future vision for the digital team (people, process, technology), established measurable business objectives, and developed a roadmap focused on growth and commercial success.

Age UK

We helped Age UK’s regional groups to drive efficiencies and transform their services by defining service improvement opportunities, a prioritised blueprint for action, and a toolkit for driving efficiencies.

National Theatre

Strategy workshops and our digital operations assessment helped National Theatre to uncover improvement opportunities and establish a shared vision for transformation. The digital roadmap we defined provided a blueprint for action to help the theatre group deliver incremental value against its objectives.

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What our clients say 

'An expert in our back pocket'


'Inviqa introduced us to new ways of working and thinking. We created a better product than we would have done alone'. In this video SSE Energy's digital UX manager, Chris Golding, explores the benefits of collaborating with a trusted external partner on your digital initiatives.

Explore our case study library to learn why organisations like REISS, National Theatre, and Arsenal FC choose Inviqa to prime their digitalisation programmes for success.

Inviqa challenged us to explore the motivations and business reasoning behind every decision we made. 

– David Savage, Platform Manager, Arsenal FC

Inviqa wowed us with their commitment, confidence, and drive to deliver impact. The team’s passion can only be described as the skin in the game.

– Vy Alechnavicius, UX, Service & Product Design Manager, Tesco
SSE Energy explores the value of working with external consultants
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A partnership that sets you up to succeed

We care about creating the best possible outcomes. For you, for your diverse customers, for our own teams. Here’s how we do it.

Our approach A partnership based on trust

Two women and a man listen intently in a meeting room, holding cups of coffee

We care about creating the best possible outcomes. For you, for your diverse customers, for our own teams. Here’s how we do it.

We set you up to succeed, long after we're gone

An external advisor helps you eliminate biases and assumptions. It challenges and validates your thinking and approach.

Leverage our decades of insight and cross-industry experience to ensure the best outcomes for you and your customers.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve, we help you:

These steps are key to resolving business and customer challenges and ensuring early and lasting return on your digital investments.

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Which of the below best describes your organisation? 'Right now, we need to...'

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Meet our consultants

Meet our business consultants – who have a combined 40+ years’ experience in commercial and operational leadership.

Brett Lawrence

Business Consultancy Director Brett Lawrence has 22 years’ experience in retail and digital, working for leading international brands in commercial, operational and technical roles.

These include Global Head of IT for a £1 billion international visitor attraction, and Operator and Head of Ecommerce for a multi-million-pound online retailer where he was accountable for growth and business operations.

Nicholas Weber 

Business Consultancy Director Nicholas Weber has 20 years of extensive retail and B2B experience including roles as a Buying Director and then Head of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing for a £1.6 billion B2B foodservice business.

In this capacity, Nicholas was accountable for building the ecommerce proposition from scratch and its ongoing operation and growth.

40+ years' combined experience

Together, Brett and Nicholas have more than 40 years' experience in commercial and operational leadership roles accountable for:

Mary Marxmüller

Mary has 10+ years' experience in the digital industry, with a focus on defining and implementing digital strategy, leading large-scale platform migration projects, and executing digital products and services that deliver tangible business and customer value. 

Her industry experience includes ecommerce, digital publishing, pharma and healthcare, and more.  

Mary supports diverse clients across business analysis, requirements gathering, acceptance criteria definition, prioritisation, value definition, change management, digital roadmapping, feature mapping, risk analysis, story mapping, and process analysis.

Journey mapping session with post its

Why we're passionate about digital strategy 

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Has your organisation clarified and aligned on your ambitions, your constraints and pain points, and the role that digital technologies can play in getting you to where you want to go? 

If not, you could waste a lot of time, effort, and money on things that make little meaningful difference to achieving your business objectives.

Our experienced consultants are here to ensure that your digital programmes drive long-term business and customer value.

We help you develop and align on a digital strategy that delivers on your shared vision and objectives.

We bring a knowledgable, objective eye to identifying and tackling your biggest challenges and opportunities.

– Nicholas Weber, Business Consultancy Director

Together, let's ensure

lasting value from your digital initiatives

Speak with our consultants today: